Sustain Meds achieves the lowest costs possible for individuals on prescription medications.
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Sustain Meds offers prescription drug services. By working with Sustain Meds you can be assured that you have an unbiased partner that can navigate the network connecting payer, provider, and pharmaceutical companies. We are committed to solving the prescription drug puzzle patients often find themselves confronted with. It is your care plan. We help you take control.

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Simple & Transparent

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To best help our customers we require some basic information submitted upfront – Each customer case can vary greatly due to the personalized nature of healthcare and this ensures we are best able to help. This takes about 2 minutes and can be done by clicking here.

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Review & Call Back

Once the information is received, a team member will reach out via the phone number provided. This team member will have reviewed your information and be able to discuss options available to you.

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Sign Off on Authorized Representative

At Sustain Meds, we work as authorized representatives to act on your behalf. This allows our team members to make requests and submit information on your behalf – The result is less wait and no confusing back and forth with healthcare intermediaries.

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Stress Free Prescription Management

As your authorized representative we maintain an ongoing relationship with all of our customers. If your treatment plan changes, we can receive your information and act on your behalf. Our commitment is to be your unbiased prescription management solution.


Value & Peace of Mind

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Mark called Sustain Meds because he had three expensive drugs – 2 insulins and Victoza – spending upwards of $1,500 per month on copays. His Sustain Meds representative collected all pertinent information, evaluated his case for savings, and was able to achieve a 100% cost reduction.

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Bernice was referred to Sustain Meds because she was prescribed an expensive budesonide capsule. She was in the coverage gap with a $250 copay. Her Sustain Meds representative achieved a tier reduction. Her new Tier 1 prescription copay was $2.00 per month for the remainder of the year.

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Anna was prescribed Repatha, but after a long delay she was referred to Sustain Meds. Her Sustain Meds representative contacted the relevant parties on her behalf to find out that not only did her prescription go through a prior authorization process, but that the authorization was denied. Sustain Meds was able to assist in an appeal letter with the proper documentation for a successful outcome.


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Sustain Meds is a leading Authorized Representative that acts on the patients behalf to ensure their prescription treatment plan issued by the doctor has the best chance of getting through the administrative process.