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What is an authorized representative?

An authorized representative is an organization or individual you designate to responsibly act on your behalf. Here at Sustain Meds we utilize this status in limited scope to speak with relevant parties regarding your prescription cost savings.

How much can Sustain Meds save me?

Every case Sustain Meds works on is unique. It is not uncommon for annual savings to amount to $600 – $4,000. 

I am uninsured. Can Sustain Meds still help me?

Sustain Meds can help no matter what your insurance situation is. 

What if my medication has already been denied?

Sustain Meds may be able to help you submit an appeal or use other methods to obtain your medication at an affordable price.

What can Sustain Meds help me with?

Sustain Meds specializes in reducing your cost on even the toughest of cases. Most of our customers seek help with high cost branded and generic drugs that they or their provider were unable to find a solution to.

Does it matter where I live?

Sustain Meds primarily serves the U.S. market, but does offer solutions that we have available to the Canadian and U.K. market.

What is a prior authorization?

A process created by insurance companies in which they can review your need for a medication before it is authorized. Expensive medications are usually flagged for prior authorization. Unless a prior authorization is granted you will be forced to pay for the entire cost of the drug.

Can Sustain Meds lower the price of my insurance?

In some situations, we are able to qualify and assist you in reducing your monthly insurance premium. In some cases, we are able to eliminate the cost entirely.

What is required of me throughout this process?

You will be connected to a case representative who will collect some initial information from you. This may require documents pertinent to the process. After the initial consultation you will receive periodic updates regarding your status.

How long does this process take?

Timing can vary from 3-30 days depending on factors that differ from one customer’s case to another. On average savings can be electronically deposited to your bank account in two weeks.

Is my information secure?

Yes! Sustain Meds utilizes an isolated database server that meets the most rigorous HIPAA compliance certifications.

Why do we ask for your social security number?
In some cases Sustain Meds may require your social security number. This is because some institutions we work with use this information to verify the identity and income of Sustain Meds’ customers during the qualifying process. Without this proof you will not receive maximum savings.

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Sustain Meds is a leading Authorized Representative that acts on the patients behalf to ensure their prescription treatment plan issued by the doctor has the best chance of getting through the administrative process.