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Client savings start with you.

At Sustain Meds, we value our broker agents and seek to provide each broker agent with a quality service that meets the needs of a growing segment of the population.

Prescriptions are expensive and growing more expensive by the day. Top that off with the fact that insurance companies make the process of getting approval and providing payment for prescriptions increasingly complicated, and the demand for the service we provide is growing. That means opportunities for you.


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Who Needs a Broker Agent?

Unlike other prescription services that cater to a single population group, Sustained Meds offers services that appeal to a variety of individuals and families, including the following:

  • Those who are uninsured.
  • Those who have commercial prescription insurance.
  • Those who have Medicare prescription plans.

The people who choose to take advantage of the Sustain Meds service are those who want more empowerment when it comes to how much they pay for their prescriptions. If you become a Sustain Meds broker agent, you will be instrumental in providing that empowerment to your clients.

Helping your clients save money, helps you earn uncapped rewards all year while building a loyal client group that appreciates the service you’ve shown them. More importantly, it’s easy for them to sign up and initiate cases. They only need to complete one simple form.

How Does Sustain Meds Help?

In order to pass on the substantial savings Sustain Meds has to offer. The solution is simple. We maintain a massive database of saving options for consumers. Each case is individually reviewed with meticulous care to ensure that individuals are getting the best possible savings for their prescriptions and premiums. What types of products will your clients save money purchasing through Sustain Meds? We can help people save money on generic medications, brand-name medications, and insurance premiums.

Another reason to promote our services in these troubling times where supply chains are suffering across the country is availability. We can help people locate medications that may be more difficult to find or in shorter supply, eliminating much of the worry people face when it comes to having access to life-sustaining medications. The more challenging the supply chain crisis becomes; the more opportunities exist for an agent broker who is interested in offering the peace of mind our massive database can deliver.

What Does Sustain Meds Offer Broker Agent Clients?

Sustain meds isn’t a one-trick pony. We offer various critical services to help people in all situations. Because we work with people on an individual level, we can help them find assistance in different areas to help them save money on prescriptions and cut through the “red tape” that often slows the process and can make getting life-sustaining (or saving) medications difficult for the average person.

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Prescription Savings

One of the great things about Sustain Meds is that we treat each case individually and if we cannot help your clients save money on their prescriptions, there is no fee for our service.

Not only do we offer the service for individual cases, but one of our case representatives will research each case to determine whether we can help and how we can help.

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Prior Authorizations

One of the more painful aspects of prescription coverage today is the dreaded prior authorization. The process is one that can take weeks that, in many circumstances, consumers cannot afford to wait. This is especially the case when it comes to lifesaving and sustaining medications, like insulin, heart medications, and countless others.

Our representatives provide special care and attention when dealing with prior authorizations, submitting the necessary documentation, and then monitoring the process through completion on behalf of your clients. Our dedication offers the highest possible success rates for clients and industry-leading processing times for the authorizations.

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Appeal Letters

When insurance denies prior authorization requests for needed medications, many consumers may feel like they have no options available to them. This isn’t always the case. In fact, our team is here to help them understand that denial letters are simply detours. A carefully crafted appeal letter with supporting documentation can be the secret sauce for successfully getting insurance coverage for the medications they need. Our team can help with that. 

It helps your clients that we can speak the language insurance companies understand within the appeals process to indicate that the care plans their providers recommended is often the best option for all parties, even the insurance providers.

In other words, Sustain Meds has a lot to offer your clients when it comes to not only obtaining stellar prescription savings, but also when it comes to having access to the prescriptions they need to improve quality of life or even, in some cases, to sustain life.

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What Does Sustain Meds Offer Broker Agent Clients?

Few things in life feel better than helping others. Sustain Meds understands how wonderful that feels. It’s what we do every day. It’s also something we offer each broker agent that works with us the opportunity to do day in and day out.

What better career path can you follow? Just imagine how amazing it will feel to help each of your clients save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month. Multiply that by the number of clients you reach out to each month. Are you ready to take the first step? Contact Sustain Meds today to get started.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My husband has been associated with this team for three years. In that time, Andrew O’Neil, has been a pleasure to deal with. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and reassuring. The medications my husband is prescribed are quite scary, because of their cost and availability. Andrew has helped to mitigate the cost and diminish our fears. We are forever grateful.

– Patricia

Scott and his staff are very professional helped us save money on our medical bills. Thank you, from Evans and Joyce L. We hope others will feel the way we do, very pleased.

– Joyce

Found these guys through YouTube originally, I saved 50% more money in the first month that I spent using them. They are extremely well versed in every angle which you can take to save on your prescription drug price 100/100

– Jack

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Sustain Meds is a leading Authorized Representative that acts on the patients behalf to ensure their prescription treatment plan issued by the doctor has the best chance of getting through the administrative process.